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November 14-15, 2020







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Take Another Workshop

Maximize your stay by participating in an additional workshop during the same 3-day retreat. If you are already here, why not learn more teachings and techniques?! You will have the opportunity to participate in any other workshops that are going on at the time of your visit. Please refer to the schedule to see which workshops are being offered or send us an email to inquire at [email protected]
* The additional cost will range from $200-$300, depending on the program you select.

Exclusive One-On-One with a Master Flexible Scheduling

Spend time with the Master one-on-one and learn all the teachings and techniques (from your program) in private. The Exclusive option gives you the space and opportunity to ask your questions, seek personal advice, open up and receive even more help and healing. There will be no other guests or visitors during your classes giving you a special and unique spiritual experience. You will learn directly from Acharya Shree Yogeesh, with the exception of the Purnam Yoga Retreat – in which case Sadhvi Anubhuti will teach you.
*For the One-on-One option, it is an additional $500 per workshop.

Free Preview of Chakra Book

For the first time, the origins of spirituality are revealed. Acharya Shree shares how spirituality became distorted over time, the forgotten path and tradition of the Samanas, and the lost teachings and techniques of the first kundalini master. Also included are practical ways to help the truth seeker advance on their spiritual journey and awaken their kundalini through chakra activation practices, such as yoga, breathing exercises, divine sounds, mudras and more. Many of these techniques have been lost or have never been revealed before. This book was created for the dedicated truth seeker who is ready to transform and awaken but needs guidance on how to advance and go deeper in their spiritual path.

Private One-on-One Consultation

Do you need guidance for a specific situation? Sometimes we just need the advice or guidance from someone who has mastered him or herself. This is an excellent way to ask Acharya Shree Yogeesh for his guidance regarding your spiritual potential, your path, life, work, or simply ask deeper questions to gain understanding about your current or past life events. Gain clarity through the words of a master who’s obtained right knowing and who has right vision – this can change the direction of your path to a much brighter, insightful and meaningful journey.

* A half-hour session is $75
* A one hour session is $125 (recommended)

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Since we are an ashram we do have event restrictions: only vegetarian (egg-free) and vegan meals can be cooked and provided; alcoholic beverages, drugs and smoking are not permitted; any event that supports, promotes and/or includes violence may not be hosted at Siddhayatan.

Events can be up to 7 days long.

Yes, you can attend our retreats that may be held during your event at a discounted rate.

Yes, one of Siddhayatan’s monks and nuns can give a one-hour spiritual talk to your group.

Yes, as long as it is strictly vegetarian or vegan, and egg-free.

We can provide you with a mic, speaker system and projector.

We require an upfront 30% non-refundable deposit of your rental fee to secure your event space and time. In addition to the deposit, we do require separate (refundable) deposits for cleaning and audio/visual equipment. If our facilities are not cleaned to our satisfaction or our audio/video equipment is damaged, the applicable deposit will not be refunded.

The rental fee will depend on your type of event, the facilities you need, when your event is, the duration, if meals need to be provided, and number of guests attending. Please complete the inquiry form to discuss your event.

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