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November 14-15, 2020








Siddhayatan Spiritual Retreat Center offers a range of options for accommodations to provide you with a comfortable, quiet and joyful stay. Our spiritual environment promotes minimalism which encourages “higher thinking through simple living.”

We are not a hotel, although you will find super clean, comfortable, and simple accommodations. As an ashram we focus on the path of the inner self-improvement. If you are looking for fancy accommodations and hotel-like services, this center is not for you. This is a beautiful and peaceful environment that encourages you to find your self, be your true self, and helps you to connect with your soul.


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Guest Rooms

Our clean, simple and comfortable guest rooms include twin beds, a night light, shelves, storage drawers, and bedding.
Fresh linens are available weekly – no daily maid service. For longer stays, we provide cleaning after each 7th day. Some rooms have central heating & air conditioning system in addition to a ceiling fan, and some others have individual AC units or heating systems. Some half-private and full-private rooms may include a desk with a chair.

– The type of room you will get depends on space and availability –

Cabin: Full-Private Room Entrance

Cabin: Living Room

Cabin: Full-Private Accommodations

Full-Private Bathroom

Full-Private Accommodations with 3 Beds

Dorms: Shared & Half-Private Rooms



Yes, we do offer private consultations in 30 minute and 1 hour sessions on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can request your private consultation at the time of registration or during your program. To learn more about the private consultation, click here.

Yes, you can come a few days earlier or stay a few days later before and after your program begins. This is considered a personal retreat that can be added on to your stay. Click here for more information on extending your stay.

Yes, you can participate in multiple workshops during your retreat if other programs are being offered. During a 3-day stay, we do not advise more than two workshops. To learn more about adding on another retreat, click here for more information.

Yes, you can water fast during this retreat. When you register just select the fast as an add-on.

Yes, you can have a silent meditation retreat. You can ask your questions by writing them on a piece of paper, or you can ask your questions in class, then return to your silence once class is over.

We teach a special process to help you reach meditation. Most teachers will focus on the mind as the obstacle; however, the true process is to first purify and discipline your body, then bypass (not control) the mind through several techniques so it doesn’t bother you. Finally, you will then be totally relaxed so that you can connect to your soul and experience true peace.

Our founder, Sufi e Kamil, developed the Unique techniques which help detoxify your body and mind so that you can enter deep states of meditation. This system is not taught elsewhere. In fact, most guests that are experienced in meditation and have learned elsewhere say that what they thought was meditation wasn’t really meditation. After learning the system they can see a tremendous difference in their experiences.

Yes, our meditation retreat is for everyone, whether you are just curious about meditation or have been meditating for years this retreat will benefit you.

We offer our Meditation Retreats on an ongoing basis. Refer to our calendar to view our next scheduled retreat. If you would like to come for the retreat at any time, consider our Exclusive One-on-One option with Flexible Scheduling.

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Require a Vegan or Gluten-Free Diet? We can meet your needs.

Would you like to complement your stay with another workshop? Click here for more details.


Sufiekamil’s monks, nuns, and team have big hearts and are highly trained to provide you with guidance on the spiritual path, techniques to purify your body and mind, and teachings to uplift and awaken your soul.


Maximize your stay while you are at Siddhayatan by adding another available workshop, extending your stay, adding hatha yoga, signing up for a private consultation, or doing a water fast.


We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and kindly appreciate cash or check payments as we incur a 3% fee for each credit card transaction. We do accept all major credit cards.

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